A sketchbook flip through

Recently I’ve been experimenting in my sketchbook – mainly trying out different compositions. I seem to have been drawn to this colour combination so decided to stick with it and actually, I think it helped me focus on the composition more than if I had used many different colour combos. Hope you enjoy it!

Artist Support Pledge

The Artist Support Pledge is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers. I’m so pleased to be taking part in this and am offering a one off piece, Cambusdarach, in support . See the One Off Pieces link in the menu above.


Due to the pandemic and lockdown, exhibitions have taken a bit of break recently. My most recent exhibitions include: Paulin, Edinburgh – November 2020 to January 2021. Read my interview on their blog at: https://www.paulinwatches.com/blogs/news/golden-hour-with-rachel-brown. As well as a solo exhibition: “Ripples of Gold” at The Wonder Spot, Edinburgh – March 2020