about me

I’m Rachel Brown, a contemporary abstract artist, living in Edinburgh (UK).

Much of my inspiration comes from the Scottish coastline, both the beaches local to me  – Edinburgh, East Lothian and Fife in particular – and the beautiful islands, Orkney, the Western Isles and Tiree being particular favourites!

I also love my garden and it inspires my large abstract florals. These are often drawn digitally and then printed by a local fine art printer. 

I often start my pieces with layers of collage, using either old book pages and vintage newspaper or paper that I’ve mono printed. 

Over these layers I add many, many layers of paint! I often wipe away wet paint or sand back dry paint to reveal the under layers giving the work a sense of history. 

Structured lines and pebble shapes are recurring themes and as the end of the work draws near I focus on simplifying the abstraction. 

All these techniques combine to produce expressive abstract pieces which retain the essence of harbour walls and coastal finds that were their inspiration. 

I also work digitally – both as part of my initial sketching phase but also in finished works. Many of the prints available for sale are produced digitally and printed locally in Edinburgh. Please see my FAQs for more information on my digital prints.

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